This is not an inspirational post about never giving up and fighting for what you believe in. There are enough TED talks and songs in pop culture that have got it covered. They will pick you up when you are down and keep you going.

What I want to say in this post is— don’t stop fighting with your siblings.

I have a brother who is four years younger than me. I can’t remember the last time I had a civil conversation with him. We use derogatory terms to address each other and argue constantly. We used to have physical fights too, when we both were much younger (and dumber). But better senses have prevailed and we have restricted our combats to verbal assaults. I can say for a fact that I am the worst version of myself with him. Most people who know me would say that I am a fairly calm person. Even if I do feel anger, I never show it openly. I’m more passive-aggressive (though that can get annoying sometimes too).

But I am nothing short of a fire-breathing monster when I am fighting with my brother. I don’t bother reigning in my temper or sugar-coating words. I unleash pure fury, and he does the same. It goes both ways. We have a no holds barred scream-fest over the TV remote, out of all things.

Despite all this fighting, or maybe because of it, we know each other inside-out. We know that some of the words spoken were not meant to hurt. They were just meant to blow off steam. We also know that deep down we are both fighting to keep each other sane. Especially, being quarantined in a small space for almost an entire year, we had to find an outlet, and becoming online trolls didn’t seem to appeal either of us.

We troll each other instead. He rubbishes my writing, scientific career and life-choices, in general. And his engineering-student life is easy bait for me. Not to mention his gaming craze which seems ridiculous to me even now. How a virtual video game can keep a boy/man/man-child occupied for hours (and sometimes days) on end I will never understand.

But, I am scared that a day will come when the fighting stops. There may come a time when we both are so busy with our respective lives that we only meet once or twice a year on some festival. And of course, we have to be civil to each other then (we are always angels and the best of friends when there are relatives around).

We share memes now. That is our preferred mode of communication. But at some later time, we may share links on good schools in the neighbourhood and best coaching centres for our dogs to crack the grooming school entrance exam (who knows what the future may hold?). That day may come. It is probably inevitable. We will each have our own TVs and our own remotes.

But that day is not today.

So, to my brother, who is probably reading this and thinking what garbage his sister has written, I say that I will keep fighting with you, as long as I can. I will keep looking for excuses to make you feel like the idiot that you are. Because I don’t want us to become mature adults yet. We can be decent human beings to every other person on the planet. But please let us be annoying five-year-olds with each other.

So, in conclusion, I am better than you, always.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Fighting

  1. Nice conclusion. 😂
    And I agree to this, I only miss my siblings when I’m away. Never when we are together.

    1. This is so cute savi!! Mostly you guys might just fight for the sake of missing it you know😅

      With me, despite living away, we never say we miss each other but we end up sending pictures of food and clothes to make each other jealous.
      And when I am back it’s the usual stupid arguments that continues.

  2. 🤩😁in our case for last 5, 6 yrs me n my sister meets eachother once in few months so its mostly so good times together.. During last lockdown towards the end of 4 months we spend together at home, we had stopped verbal communication almost n started giving silent yet furious treatments, no soft corners, locking eachother out in balcony (i did that though), gali, n finally physical fights.. we were back in action.. So i guess at a stretch, when seeing eachother after long time, 2 to 3 months is the max we can maintain a sanity between us… Hhhm.. with whome else we will do this though..😇😇 Nice content…

    1. I love the bit about locking each other in the balcony XD
      That’s my brother’s favourite move too! I hope you guys get more such opportunities (without covid) to continue fighting :p

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