Monday is usually a day overshadowed by the weekend hangover. But why do we have such attachment issues with the weekend? Why can’t we leave the sweet embrace of those wonderful two days and step into a Monday with a clear, content mind? Why can’t we look forward to a Monday instead of cursing its existence?

Because we have unfinished business.

Here’s a list of all the things I want to do during the weekend:

1. I want to compress all the sleep I had missed during the week into one giant cloud and just fall onto it. I want those dark circles gone by Monday.

2. I turn a blind eye to the overflowing laundry basket and dust-bunnies in my room during the week. But the weekend shows my place in a different light. I realize that I’m living like an animal and suddenly, the mother-hen in me wakes up and wants to scrub everything clean.

3. I want to catch up on movies and TV shows even though I spend most of my time after work on Netflix.

4. I want to get away from the city. I want to breath in oxygen straight from the source. I want to go trekking in the woods or hiking up some hilltop and click two hundred photos of myself and still not find one that is worth posting on social media.

5. I want to go deep into the bowels of the city. I want to go splurge my salary on cheap stuff from Commercials Street (that I will wear until it tears within two weeks) and posh stuff from malls and boutiques (that I will never wear unless I am summoned by the Queen of England).   

6. I want to meet up with old friends and talk about how we should meet more often.

7. I want to spend time with family. By that I mean have lunch with them while all of our eyes are glued to the TV where Amitabh Bachchan hosts KBC with the same vigour as he did twenty years back.

8. I want to try something new. Go for that stand-up show or concert that I had been dreaming about. Or start that art-class that has amazing reviews. Or meet that guy my friend told would be perfect for me.

9. What about my “me-time”? I need some time to stare at the wall and reflect on life and other things. I can also reflect on the deep stuff with a cool cucumber-aloe face mask while listening to 90s pop music. Exfoliation and introspection in one sweet package.

10. I hate doing this but sometimes (most of the times) I tend to use/abuse the weekend to catch up on work.

These are just a few things I can think of on a Sunday evening. Oh! I should have included that.

11. Write blog post. I used to have them written in advance until the fourth one. All subsequent ones are weekend-crammed flash-written posts.

So, where was I? Oh yes, the perfect weekend. I would consider the weekend good if even two or three of those things on the list happened. Or maybe one weekend goes by and all you’ve done is just household chores. And a strange terror grips your heart. What if you’re not living life to the fullest? What if the string of boring, unfulfilled weekends never ends?

Hold on there just a second. You have done the chores, right? That empty laundry basket and sparkling clean floor will bring you (and your mother/roommate) joy for some time. It is not something you can post on social media or brag to your friends about, but it is still quite an accomplishment. Maybe next weekend you can give the chores a rest and go out for that hike or shopping spree or concert.

The perfect weekend is a myth. Even if the weekend was extended to three days (thank you, secular government calendar) I wouldn’t be able to cover all the things on the list. And that’s perfectly alright. There will be other weekends. So, if you wake up on a Monday morning feeling dull and wishing you had done more the last two days, take a moment to revisit the weekend. If you can find a few moments of peace and joy, then it wasn’t all that bad.    

11 thoughts on “The Perfect Weekend

  1. Great and trueall “I want to’s”…but ticking out these small small bucket lists are my long term goal actually😅

    1. That’s awesome! I hope the little things on the bucket list continue piling up and you have many amazing weekends to get to them!

  2. Lovely..and wity.. One favourite thing for weekend is being in bed wholeday, ordering fav food n watching series or reading something good…just shutting down the world around.. I love that.. sometimes cooking some homely food too..
    That thing about buying dresses..its hilarious 🤣.. and its so true about the too good dresses..😂😁 Loved this post.. Keep writing ❤️

  3. Another thing which sort of half eats the weekend is the unfinished work for the coming week, which needs to be done n i do always think like, i will finish this work this weekend, n then enjoy n start fresh…which probably happens so rarely…

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