You like someone. Or you think someone likes you. But how do you make yourself more interesting? Or how do you hold the interest of the person who is into you?

Because one wrong move and they’ll see that you are not as cool as you make yourself out to be. You’re one PJ away from losing that charm and looking like a complete loser. Or even if they’re into that awkward-clumsy-ditsy persona, you still have to keep the game alive. Or in the most time and soul-consuming cases, you have to make someone fall for you.

So, I’m no regular heartbreaker or love-guru, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve, honed and nurtured in my twenty-five years of existence that I am ready to share with you. So, pick up your pens and notepads and start taking notes like a dedicated IIT-JEE tuition-goer.

  1. Don’t be a creep. At least, not openly. Social media stalking is acceptable but real-life stalking is definitely not. And sliding into someone’s DMs most often leads to a slippery slide into the block-list. So yeah, be subtle.
  2. Eye-contact is important. But more than that, the ratio of eye contact to non-contact must be just right. Too much eye contact might make you look like a creep (back to the first point) and too little might make you seem uninterested. Look away a few times and keep them guessing.
  3. Making conversation is the hardest, I know. Small talk puts some people off and talking deep with people you barely know is not possible. But sometimes small talk can help you find common ground. And that can help you transition from small talk to interesting conversation. If it doesn’t work then abort mission! Look for someone else.
  4. Listen to them. Sometimes, people just want to talk. You don’t have to bother with point 3 if they are themselves forthcoming. But if you don’t like what you’re hearing, or if you’re hearing too much, then abort mission again.
  5. Unleash your sense of humour. I think that as a concept, the sense of humour is pretty subjective. Sure, some people are universally funny. But most often, some people get your humour better than others. And those are the ones you connect with. It always helps to establish this connection earlier on.
  6. Be direct. Don’t try to play the whole going-through-the-best-friend gimmick. You’re not SRK or some other wannabe rom-com character. Those things usually work better with BGM. Keep real life simple.
  7. What to do when everything is going well? Try not to panic and overthink. Don’t think of the hundred wrong things you might say and mess it up. Chances are, you might actually end up blurting out something and then, you will watch the other person’s awkward smile as they slowly inch away from you.

If none of these work, then I hope you have a good friend whose shoulder is available for you to cry on.

But since we’re all learners and our notepads are out anyway, feel free to share your tips and tricks in the comments section below. Knowledge shared is knowledge gained, after all.   

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