Do you believe that there’s someone out there whose existence will complete you? Do you believe that there is someone whose soul will speak to yours, in a way that only you can listen? Do you believe that someone out there will understand every fibre of your being and get you like no other living soul?

Of course, I do.

From a very long time, I had this strong belief that there was someone out there for everyone, and for me. But lately, my perception has been a bit altered. I don’t believe in a soulmate. I don’t believe that there is only one person out there who is the yin to your yang.

On the contrary, I believe in soulmates, plural. I believe that our souls are vast enough to connect with many yins and many yangs. 

It could be a friend, colleague, family member or even a random stranger you run into in the metro. These days, when most of us use our phones and earphones to shield ourselves from the world outside, it is rare to come across real connections. All of us are looking for something- partners, jobs, pets, houses, or (most of the times) some good food. And while the search can take from days to months to even years, we sometimes fail to notice the little changes along the way. We fail to acknowledge some people in our lives who we’ve taken for granted.

And these people­— the ones who stick it out without even realising that their presence has made all the difference to you, the reason you wake up each day and don’t find the routine so mundane (because they’re just one call way for a rant-session)— they are your soulmates. You may think that you’re still on the lookout for “the one” or you may have already found your “one”. But soulmates are like Pokemon, there are always more out there that you can capture (you can quote me on this one). And like Pokemon, soulmates come in all forms and with different superpowers. Some may heal you, some may make you laugh, some may guide you while some will just be there for you, always.

So, if you sometimes wonder why you’ve not found “the one” yet, just look around. If there is a smile on your face after mentally going through the list of people in your life who are important to you, then you might just have some soulmates lurking in there.   

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