As a spin-off to one of my older posts ‘Hundred Ways to Say NO‘, I wanted to try being a glass-half-full person for a change. The older post was a cheat sheet for fellow people-pleasers out there trying to wriggle out of difficult situations. This post, on the other hand, is for the lazy procrastinators who are looking for excuses to get out of doing anything and everything. Maybe some of these reasons might actually force you to get off that comfortable couch, go out there and do something!

1. Being nice and doing things for others has some advantages. Especially, if you’re nice when people least expect it, they might actually think that you’re a good person.

2. Your boss thinks that you’re a donkey-for-hire and keeps dumping work on you. Don’t search for excuses. You can run but you cannot hide from the incoming workload. Instead, absorb the deadline, finish the work, do an amazing job and then take a two-week vacation. (Works only on bosses who have a shred of humanity and conscience)

3. Wondering how to get out of the latest alumni meet/reunion invite? Why pass up the opportunity to spend an evening studying human nature in all its ridiculous forms? It would definitely be more entertaining than the Netflix show you’re currently bingeing.

4. Same extension for weddings/gathering of relatives. It could be fun to see how Covid turned out for them.

5. Your name is doing the rounds for a big and challenging task at work. Don’t rush to the washroom and start hyperventilating. You must have done something right for them to have noticed you. Set your hair straight, step out and see what’s in store. Everything is doable once you actually get down to it.

6. Accept the babysitting request from the neighbours once in a while. Let them take a well-deserved break. Refer point 1.

7. Don’t ignore that old friend who’s trying to reconnect with you on Insta. Saying yes to that conversation could change both your lives, or at the very least, give you a short nostalgia trip. (You’d at least be tripping on something)

8. Don’t be the friend who cancels last minute. Be the friend who makes plans for a change. (You will then know the pain of being on the receiving end of last-minute cancellations and life will come full-circle)

9. Sign up for some pretentious hobby like pottery or candle-making if you have the time. Your home will at least look better for it.

10. Don’t cancel on that boring work dinner. Hanging out with coworkers outside of work might be less painful with good food and drink.

11. Update your social media occasionally. Let people know you’re still alive. (Look who’s talking, I know)

12. Succumb to your annoying sibling’s demands occasionally. Buy them that ridiculously expensive headphone or lend them your vehicle for a day. Refer point 1.

13. Accept your enthu-cutlet friend’s offer to be part of that event-organizing committee. Those pointless meetings usually come with a good snack-spread. If not, you at least have Point 3 to look forward to.

14. Attend that mindless webinar on wellness/happiness etc. Let go of your rigid logic and be a part of mass-delusion for one day. You can spend your casual/sick leave on better things.

15. Go meet that guy/girl your friend/mother has been bugging you to meet. Refer point 3.

16. Go to that doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off for so long. You might be completely healthy but it’s sometimes reassuring to know that all is well.

17. After the lockdown, your amateur-chef phase may have come to a temporary halt. Try to muster the energy and willpower to cook yourself a meal sometime. Be nice to yourself too.

18. If you’ve made it this far then you should have found at least five reasons worth saying ‘yes’ for.

19. Now you know this blog-post writer is going to revert back to her lazy old ways. Because hundred is a very very huge number and she is at the end of her creative thread.

100. In the last two years ‘no’ had been the default response because of the circumstances (lockdown etc in case you’ve already forgotten). It is now time to scream ‘yes!’ (no matter how painful it may be initially) because according to Newton’s First Law of Motion, the word ‘yes’ is the driving force that can counter the state of inertia that you’re currently in.

PS: For those of you questioning the current interpretation of Newton’s First Law, please refer to the CBSE textbooks. All the answers can be found in CBSE textbooks.        

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